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Aircraft Lynx Hub Tail Rotor Assembly. £2000.00
Aircraft ZG919 1992 Westland Lynx AH.9 Main Gearbox Assembly. £3000.00
Aircraft XZ920 1979 Westland Sea King Tail Head Rotor Hub Assembly. £550.00
XV651 Sea King Tail Rotor Gearbox. £800.00
Aircraft Westland Sea King Right Hand Sponson Assembly. £800.00
Aircraft ZA130 1981 Westland Sea King Quick Change Tail Pylon Assembly. £700.00
ZE420 Sea King Main Rotor Gearbox Hums. SOLD
Aircraft XZ176 1977 Westland Lynx AH.7 Rotor Tail Gearbox Assembly. £1200.00
Aircraft Westland Lynx Rotor Tail Gearbox Assembly. £1200.00
Aircraft XV670 1970 Westland Sea King HU.5 Quick Change Tail Pylon Assembly. £700.00
Tornado wing flaps. £75.00
Lynx Mk8 Helicopter Tail Pylon Assembly. £1700.00
lynx Tail Blade. £100.00
Tornado Wing Sweep Deckel Panel. £35.00
Tornado Wing Flap. £75.00
Tornado Engine Cover. £75.00
Tornado Canopy. £350.00
Westland Sea King Main Rotor Head Assembly. £3000.00
Tornado RB199 engine. £5000.00 (6 Available)
Ground support. £12500.00
ZG750 Tornado Wing (Pinky the Tornado). £4000.00
Created by Hayley Wood